The natural products of our farm

Welcome to La Colombella I'm Alessandro.

La Colombella was born from an idea of my mother Graziela, in 2005 initially as a B&B.

In 2016 I returned as the owner with the aim of developing and carrying on a dream made reality.

The name Colombella is linked to the idea that each of our guests is like a dove that arrives in search of relaxation, of peace, with which we share the time and the beauty of the place, reinforcing the spirit and then setting off towards new horizons.

In addition to hospitality, the farm produces PGI Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil, officinalis plants, in particular lavender and jams with fruit from the orchard for breakfast on the farm.
We have created the first Picciola pear plant, an ancient fruit lost over time.


Organic extra virgin oil and I.G.P.

The organic company was born three years ago.

The production of EVO oil is of the highest quality.

All Colombella products can be purchased in the company or online.
Upon reservation it is possible to organize a visit to the olive grove or to the lavender field.

Medicinal plants e
Dried Flowers.

From officinalis essential oils and distillation waters are obtained.

The dried flowers are used for making pillows and laundry bags


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