Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil IGP

  • 3/4 l bottle. € 15.00 + shipping (minimum 4 bottles)
  • 3 l cans. Or 5 l. € 15 per liter + shipping.
    Cost per shipment, up to 5 l. € 10.0
    From 5 l. Up to 50 l. Shipping cost € 20.00

All prices are inclusive of VAT.

For foreign shipments, for large quantities or special requests:

Organic extra virgin oil and I.G.P.

How to buy

Bank Transfer: payable to: Alessandro Rosi

IT95Z0623014200000043572024 - Credit Agricole

Or by credit card or Pay pal

Olio extra vergine Biologico
nome cognome
Shipping times and costs

Cost per shipment, up to 5 l. € 10.00
From 5 l. Up to 50 l. Shipping cost € 20.00

throughout Italy including islands,

Upon receipt of the order, an email will be sent to take charge of the same, the order confirmation will be subsequent to receipt of payment.

From the confirmation of the order, the goods will be prepared for shipment within 24 hours and will be delivered by the courier within 3 days of departure, within 7 days for the islands and remote areas.

You can pay SAFELY with:

paypal, credit card or bank transfer

our data:
account in the name of: Alessandro Rosi

Banca Intesa Credit Agricole


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